Tips to Find the Types of Tuxedo that Suits You


Tuxedo is one of the most formal apparel for men. It has different types, which are specially designed for various occasions. However, not all types of tuxedos suit all men. So, before buying a suit, the first thing you need to do is to assess your body type. The following are the types of men according to their body type and the type of suit suitable for them.

Short and slim:
Single breasted tuxedo jackets with lines look fine for men with shorter, slender body frame. They should be cautious in choosing pants to make themselves more presentable. They can wear double pleated trousers, which should fall up to the top of the shoes. Gentlemen with this type of body frame can wear vests and ties with patterns.

Short and sturdy:
This means you are a short man with athletic or muscular body. If your body type is similar to this, go for a tux jacket with slim collars. Make sure the top button reach your waist to make your torso look leaner. Your pants should fall on your foot and angled slightly at the back to make your legs look longer. Avoid too much space on your feet, or else your pants will look sloppy. You should be careful when choosing colorful ties and vests.

Tall and Husky:
Men belonging to this type have broad shoulders and athletic body. Shawl collar tuxedos is the best for them. Jacket length and size are very important, though they can also wear a jacket that is a bit larger than their actual size. A bit loose jacket enables them ease of movement. To make certain they get the right jacket length, their fingertips must reach the bottom of the jacket. At the same, the shirt sleeves must extend at least one-fourth to one half inch beyond the sleeve of the jacket. If they have wide faces and thick necks, they should go for bow ties and t-shirts with lay-down collar instead of wing clip collared shirts and narrow ties.

Tall and lean:
Men with this type of body are so lucky. They are the male counterparts of women with pear-shaped figure. Any type of tuxedo suits well on tall and slim gentlemen. However, they look better when the jacket buttons are closed up high. They can also dress in ties and vests with any color and pattern.

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Wedding Suit Designs for Men

Many feel that men's apparel for a wedding falls into two categories---suits or tuxedos. Fortunately, even if a suit is essential for the wedding, there are accessories and options to match the design with the wedding and with the man's personality.

Suit Style:
Suit styles vary from double-breasted to sports jackets. Based on the formality of the wedding, choose a formal or informal style.

Similar to tuxedos, some suits can be accessorized with a vest. Vests are available in many patterns and colors so it's easy to find one that fits the wedding colors or the personality of the person wearing it.

Tie prints range from traditional to wacky and fun. Wearing a tie with wedding bells or a plain-colored tie that matches the bridesmaid dresses are alternatives that will add a sense of style to the outfit.

Button up your suit jacket or leave it undone. Button it if you need a more formal look and unbutton it for less-formal occasions.

The materials that are used to make suits vary. In hotter climates, fabrics such as cotton or linen may be more appropriate. In cooler environments, wool and cotton blends may serve as stylish wedding suits choices that also keep you warm.

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All about Sport Coat

Sport coat is one of the most versatile items for a man to own. It is one of the item that is essential to a man's wardrobe. Unlike a mens suit, it is designed to be worn on its own and as a mix-and-match clothing piece. Depending on what you pair one with; they can be worn for casual or business attire. They are suitable for the office as well as for going out to dinner. Popular fabrics for sport coats include: Tweed, Wool, Linen, Corduroy, Cotton and Silk.

What to Wear With a Sport Coat?
A sport coat can be worn in various ways to create many looks. Some looks to consider:
  •  A navy or black sport coat can be paired with dress slacks in either charcoal gray, light gray, olive green or tan for a professional and polished look.
  •  Try a tweed sport coat with a pair of black wool slacks and a turtleneck for a winter look.
  •  A great casual style is a corduroy sport coat, argyle sweater and a pair of dark denim jeans.
  •  You can't go wrong with a basic navy wool sport coat, a polo shirt and a pair of khakis for a clean and casual look.
  •  On a cool, summer night, pair a lightweight sport coat with a solid tee shirt and a pair of pants.
The great thing about a sport coat is that it does not require a tie. Of course, if you stick on to a business casual office dress code, then a shirt and tie may be appropriate. A sport coat can look great with a dressy tee or a crisp white shirt. Sweaters also look great under a sport coat.

The Wedding Tuxedo

One of the most popular tuxedos to be worn in the United States and many other countries is the wedding tuxedo. This tuxedo generally consists of the cookie cutter models of the year which at present includes a traditional black tux with a vest in a color that matches the brides dress.

This look is good enough but in case you’re looking for a unique wedding tux you might think about changing some things up. For example the groom does not have to wear the same color tuxedo as the groomsmen. Also he really doesn't have to wear a vest at all if he is not interested. The color of the tuxedo does not have to be black and does not have to match the color of the brides dress.

Wedding tuxedo can come in any type of style you would like as well. Tradition says that we should wear some type of two or three button notch lapel tux. However, you could wear a trench coat style tux or even a mandarin collar tuxedo if you would like.

Materials should always consist of fabrics that will leave everyone feeling calm, cool, and comfortable. Prices will change dramatically based on what kind of tuxedo style and color you decide to go with.

Office Clothing Tips for Men

Professional wardrobes differ from office to office. Little care which you take in dressing would definitely help you make a big difference in the impression you put up Given below are few office clothing tips for men that will ensure that you always look the professional part:
  •  Stay away from patterned and white socks. Stick with neutrals, like black or brown, and ensure that the color sock you put on matches your shoe. 
  •  Wear a white undershirt beneath your dress shirt. 
  •  Don't forget your belt. In most cases, it should go with the shoes and should be minimal in appearance (this means avoiding oversize buckles and any other type of embellishments). 
  •  Ties offer you at least a bit more leeway than any other part of your outfit. Feel free to select a colorful, printed style that complements your suit, but steer clear of far-out, bold styles in traditional workplaces. If you work in a creative industry, you may be able to get away with something brighter. 
  •  Take your cue from employees who have been working in the company for a significant period of time. Your dress sense should mirror theirs, as you want to blend in (the office is not the place to start making fashion statements).

    Ways to Accessorize a Tuxedo

    As men's formal wear is subject to so many rules, accessories are among the few means available for personal expression. Always keep in mind that you're trying to accessorize your tuxedo, not overwhelm it.
    • Buy a dress set for your tuxedo. This should comprise at least two shirt studs, two cuff links, and at least three vest buttons.
    • Opt for a bow tie in a fabric that goes together with your dinner jacket's trim. If the jacket is trimmed in satin, it's best to go with a satin bow tie so that the textures do not compete. Ribbed and woven fabrics go well with grosgrain trims.
    • In case you prefer to wear a bow tie in a color other than black, try to coordinate it with your handkerchief and cummerbund colors.
    • Place neatly folded handkerchiefs in your front breast pocket.
    • Wear braces or suspenders with the suspender tab directly above the first pleat of your trousers.
    • Get tuxedo slippers that are comfortable as well as stylish. Bear in mind that socks are a good place to show a little unexpected color or pattern.
    • Keep it tame. If you wish to add a dash of the bold and unexpected to your ensemble, try to limit it to only one item. If you try more than that, you risk going overboard.

      Tips to Pull Off a Seersucker Suit

      Few men have a tough time pulling off a seersucker suit. Made from a light crinkled fabric, usually cotton, Seersucker suits have an alternating vertical striped pattern between white and another color. Given below are few ways to wear this suit without coming off looking like a total nerd.
      • Opt for a color that won't make everyone stop, look at you, and throw on a pair of sunglasses. Men's seersucker suits are available in a range of colors striped with white such as red, peach, aqua, and pink. Choose these colors only if you have a deep desire to attract attention, no matter the kind. The best options are blue-and-white, cream, gray-and-white, or brown-and-white.
      • Prefer a shirt that goes well with the suit. White shirt or a light shirt that matches the suit would always be the best option.  Stay away from shirts with any pattern as they will clash with the already striped pattern on the suit. Instead of a wide collar, a shirt with a conservative collar is best.
      • Select a tie that isn't too much decorated. Yet again, overly-busy patterns will clash. Better choose solids or conservative patterns. Bow ties are fine too, but a regular neck tie is best if you wish to avoid the nerdy look.
      • Wearing a plain brown leather belt would be best option instead of that thick white one you were thinking of.
      • You can put on almost any shoe, from brown brogues for a fancier occasion to white or brown bucks. You can even wear tennis shoes to casual events if you are wearing your seersucker jacket with jeans.

      Different Patterns in Men’s Suits

      Just as suit style, fit and color, suit patterns are also important. Solid, Pinstripe, Windowpane, and Check patterns are four main suit designs to consider.

      Solid Suit:
      The solid suit is a plain suit which consists of only single color. These suits must differentiate themselves with pocket, button, lapel, and vent style. They are versatile, neutral and safe for all situations. The popular colors include black, charcoal gray, navy blue and even white.

      This style of pattern consists of vertical lines running all over the suit jacket and pants. These stripes of color can vary in thickness depending on the designer's vision. The Pinstripe is by far the most popular striped suit and men use this suit to look more formal and authoritative.

      Window Pane:
      This suit pattern is created by both vertically and horizontally running lines to make square or rectangular "windowpane" patterns. These suits are more stylish than the previous models.

      The plaid suit is one of the fancier patterned suits on the market. This  mens suits can’t be seen as often as many of the other suit patterns on the market because of its high cost and difficult tailoring methods. This suit is similar to the windowpane suit with its use of vertical and horizontal lines. However, the lines will run in close knit groups with various gaps to create the box like openings. This pattern can be worn to less formal office settings and fun social gatherings such as church, weddings, and parties.

      Check Patterns:
      The check patterned suit is similar to the window pane suit with one exception. This suit has every other square or rectangle filled with horizontal lines.This suit pattern is one of the trendier styles that can be worn to important social events. You can wear this suit on formal dates, church, weddings and even parties.

      Tips to Find Cheap Mens Designer Suits

      Don’t worry, if you are in need of a mens suit but don’t have enough money to purchase one. It’s possible to get cheap suits, if you know where to look.
      • Visit your local thrift store. Thrift shops are a great resource to locate cheap men’s designer suits. You would be amazed at how many designer suits that you can find at a thrift store. They will all be extremely discounted. Ensure that there is nothing wrong with the suit before you purchase it.
      • Visit local garage sales. Many people sell their old suits at their garage sale rather than trying to sell it online. 
      • Browse online. Many designer websites clearance last year’s style during the year. These suits are ideal if you want to have the designer label but not pay the designer price.
      • Look into online auction sites. Several people try to sell their suits online to get more money out of them. Many online auction sites have thousands of suits up for sale. Watch out for fakes and knockoffs.

      Tips to Dress if You are Short

      A few simple dos and don'ts can give the illusion of extra inches.

      • Put on tops whose details pull the eye down vertically; V-necks are a good option.
      • Tuck shirts into pants to make your legs appear longer, which will make you look taller.
      • Opt for clothes that fit close to your body. Bulky ones - like over-sized jackets and tops - will draw the eyes out horizontally.
      • Try slim pants that closely follow your thighs and butt to make you look taller.
      • Wearing vertical stripes - for instance, a pinstripe mens suit will make you look taller.
      • Put on short skirts, avoiding skirts that cut slightly below the knee or at mid-calf.
      • Slip into higher-heeled shoes. Letting your cuff less pant legs drape over high shoes will provide an instant look of height.

      Types of Wedding Suits

      Usually when we think of men's wedding attire, traditional tuxedos is the thing that comes to our mind. Just like women, men also have choices when it comes to wedding suits. Though men do not have as many choices as women, there are choices available nevertheless. Wedding outfit for men varies from laid back and casual to black-tie formal.

      Men's formalwear should be 3 pieces and consist of a tuxedo jacket and pants, along with a cummerbund or vest. The tuxedo jacket can be either single breasted, double breasted or three buttons, based on groom’s preference. Both bowties and neckties are acceptable. Match colors to the bridal party, or base them on time of day. For daytime weddings, lighter colored suits and accessories work well, whereas the darker suits are appropriate for evenings. Pair a three-piece suit with a pair of shiny patent dress shoes.

      Men’s semi-formal wedding attire is a scaled-down suit. The bridegroom would be dressed in a jacket and pants, preferably with a tie. Tuck shirts in, and opt for a cotton-dress material. Go for a tailored suit, not a relaxed one. For daytime, Lighter shades are suitable but avoid them for evening weddings. Men should match up the Mens suit with a loafer or dress shoe.

      Beach Casual:
      Beach casual wedding attire for men is apt for a beach, backyard or any other sort of outdoor wedding. Men's wedding apparel for beach casual would include a loose-fitting shirt made of cotton or linen and a pair of cotton or linen slacks. The bridegroom can wear the shirt either tucked in or out of the waistband of the slack. A light sport jacket can also give a beach casual wedding outfit more of a suit feel. Groom can either go barefooted or pair the outfit with sandals or slip-on shoes. The color palate often consists of natural shades of brown, green and blue.

      Mens Hat has always been a Favorite Accessory

      Your mens suits or tuxedo would surely enhance your persona if you accessorize it well. But there is certainly a time and place for everything. This is applicable to all accessories and especially mens hats. Several reasons can be cited as to why a man should wear a hat. But many times men are confused to when and where it is best suited to wear a hat.

      Mostly you wear a mens suit or tuxedo while attending a special occasion. Hence it is always a good idea to wear anything that comes with the suit or tuxedo even if it is a hat. After all there would indeed be a reason to add the hat along with the suits. It would surely go well with the overall look of the suit or the tuxedo. Thus wearing it would make you look better and handsome. Zoot suits, which is another popular style is usually worn with felt hat that has a long feather and with pointy French-style shoes.

      It is always a good idea to wear a hat when it is sunny outside. The reasons are so obvious; it would give protection to your eyes and face from the harmful rays of the sun. If you are exposed to the harmful rays for a long time, it can cause damage like loss of vision and even skin cancer to the worse. Hence a mens hat is a smart thing to wear. In addition it would also give an overall cooling effect as the face would be in the shadow of the brim of the hat. On the other hand, you can also wear a hat if the weather is too chilly outside. A beanie mens hat is a good choice to keep the head warm. Even though the cold would not do much damage as the harmful sun’s rays, it would cause headaches or chills if the head is directly exposed to the cold for a long time. So it would be better if you wear a hat. The mens hat also compliments the sports attires and varies for each sport item.

      Apart from all the above mentioned reasons, there is one important reason for which people wear a hat. It is simply because they feel like wearing them.

      Men’s Suits and Dressing Common Terms

      For Men’s wear, particularly in Men’s suit there are various words used by tailor or shoppers. These common terms are necessary to know for Men’s wear. Knowing terms for Men’s wear give perfect guidelines in selecting or tailoring Men’s dress.

      Men’s Suit: Jackets :
      •    Full dress: Tails or Tailcoat   
      •    Cutaway:  Morning coat. They are short in the front and long in the back. Tapers from the front to a wide back tail. Usually reserved for "Morning or Daytime" weddings.
      •    Mandarin: standup style coat with no lapels.
      •    Tuxedo:  "regular" coat
      •    Stroller: semi-formal suit jacket
      •    Single-breasted: Single-breasted coats button down the center. In regards to jacket; symmetrical front; buttons at the center; option of leaving coat buttoned or unbuttoned
      •    Double-breasted: Double-breasted coats cross-over the center to button. In regards to jacket; one side of coat overlaps the center and buttons across to the other side; usually gives a fuller look in the chest area; suggested that these coats be buttoned at all times while standing.

      Men’s Suit: Lapels:
      There are different types of Lapel (commonly known as collar) for Men Suit’s Coat as follows:
      •    Notch Lapel: Triangular Indentation in lapel (It is considered as most common and popular lapel style for man’s suit)
      •    Peak Lapel: V-shaped Lapel that points upward
      •    Shawl Collar: Rounded lapels

      Men’s Suit: Coat and Trouser Material:
      For Men’s suit, terms used for various types of fabric such as super wool of 100, 110, 120 count
      •    Worsted Wool: 100% Wool fabric (standard); thread count is generally 60 to 75 threads per inch in worsted wool.
      •    Super 100s: Finer and softer wool that Super 100s for Men’s suit. In super 100’s material thread count is 100 threads per inch.
      •    Super 110s: even softer than the Super 100s; thread count is 110 threads per inch.
      •    Super 120s: Men’s suit with Wool Super 120’s is considered as the soft material. In super 120’s the softer thread count is 120 threads per inch.

      Men’s Suit: Shirts:
      •    Wingtip: Standup collar with downward points. Most popular and most formal choice.
      •    Mandarin: Standup collar without the points.
      •    Down collar: Similar to your standard dress shirt
      •    Cross wick: Crosses in front and is fastened with a button cover
      •    Material options: 100% cotton, poly/cotton blend, micro fiber
      •    French cuffs: Folded over and closed with cufflinks
      •    Convertible cuffs: not folded over; closed with cufflinks

      Men's Suits and Accessories

      For a man wearing a suit the right jewelry can upgrade your look from smart to brilliant. At the same time, ostentatious 'bling-bling' is distracting and unattractive; men's jewelry should always be delicate. The watch passes the test by good quality of its functionality; cufflinks and tie clips earn provisional legitimacy on the similar grounds.

      The wedding band is respected for what it represents, and other rings may be subtle enough to work to a man's advantage in the right setting. Piercings have featured prominently in so many counter-culture movements, from pirates to camp to punk rock, that they immediately arouse negative reactions from many. If you are going to wear an eyebrow stud with a suit, the suit had better fit you like your own skin if you don't want to be remembered as 'the guy with the eyebrow ring.'

      A general rule of dressing says to match metal to metal. That means that if your belt buckle is silver, for instance, so should be your cuff links, tie clip, and anything else shiny you wear. As with all things, this is a general instruction, not a hard and fast rule: a man with a gold wedding ring can wear silver cuff links if he likes, and one who wears an heirloom silver watch is free to wear brass buckles.

      Another rule says not to wear gold after dark (nor button-down collars, nor brown shoes, for that matter). This is good to keep in mind when dressing for the night-life, and again, it is a good suggestion rather than a cardinal law.

      The Men's Trousers

      Trousers are a difficult beast in fashion -- often misunderstood, plagued by an overabundance of terms and names, and surprisingly difficult to find in a comfortable fit. But (much like the bassist in a good band) they bring everything together even when they aren't the star of the show. Understanding the role of your trousers and the options you have in choosing them are the keys to comfortable, sharp-looking clothes for your lower half.

      Trouser Fabrics in Menswear :

      Most formal men's dress pants are made of woven wool or woolen blends. Gray flannel trousers are a long-standing classic, and with good reason -- the color goes well with almost the whole thing and the fabric is comfortable and durable, cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

      Navy blue is nearly as common as gray, and just as formal, while brown and khaki are staples of casual office wear. Black trousers are less common outside of matched suits, as they tend to draw the eye away from whatever color is worn above. Heavier fabrics will create a smoother drape and help the trousers hang neatly, but are also less comfortable in the summer.

      Introduction to the Tan Suit

      The English language has an abundance of words that all imply a light brownish-gray color. Different designers commonly use different words for the same color, or the same word for very different colors.  For purposes of stylistic discussion they all perform about the same -- you won't find any set of circumstances where a "tan" suit would be appropriate but “khaki" wouldn't be. In their most common usage the different styles of light coat break down as follows:

      • Tan refers to light, predominantly brown shades.
      • Dun refers to a darker brown than tan, sometimes with a greenish tint.
      • Khaki is the most dominantly yellow shade of the related colors, with little brown or gray.
      • Taupe is a darker color with gray tones as well as brown.
      These are, however, only general guidelines, and every store or designer will have a slightly different take on each color.  It's not impossible to see other terms as well -- just remember that, from a stylistic standpoint, they all follow the same rules. Which one to purchase will be a matter of taste, complexion, and budget?
      Formality of the Tan Suit

      Light colors similar to tan are not as formal as their darker counterparts.  Brown suits in general have been a historically informal choice, and have only recently been embraced as business-wear by men looking to break-up the monotony of dark color in their wardrobe.  The lighter versions are still considered purely social wear or seasonal wear by those who adhere to strict dress rules. 

      Lighter color suits are also associated with spring and summer, their lighter shades signifying the lightness of the season.  Trying to wear a light colored suit in New York City during December not only invites odd looks but opens a man up to the impracticality of keeping it clean from muddy slush.  Light colored suits are best for dry & warm weather. 

      As a result, tan suits are usually considered business-casual wear.  They may well be appropriate attire for daily work at more relaxed offices, but will not serve at formal meetings or serious occasions.  These lighter suits shine best when worn for social and relaxed occasions -- as poisonous as the term "leisure suit" has become, with its brightly-colored polyester associations, that's exactly what most light brown/yellow/gray suits are made for.

      They're a relaxed choice for men who prefer to appear well-dressed even during their personal time.  Patterning may be used to make the suit still more casual.  Both stripes and checks are common in light brown suits, including subdued plaids of varying earth-tones. 

      Importance of Proper Fit in Men's Suits

      Contrary to popular belief, men's dress clothes should for all time to be comfortable. If they are not, it is the fault of the clothes' fit, and not of their nature. Suffering for beauty's sake does not do a man any good, either; if the fit of a garment makes its wearer uncomfortable, he will give the impression of being it. Definitely, a man looks his best when his clothes fit so well he barely notices them. On the other hand, if they are too tight, they will be pulling and choking at every turn; too loose, and a man looks like he has had to borrow some clean clothes from his older brother as he struggles to keep them out of the way. A man's clothes send a message to the world about him, and if they fit him well, he will always make a good impression.

      Most men today wear poorly-fitting clothes, and it is not hard to see why. The goods sold in stores are cut to fit as many people as possible, and that means big. At the same time, the fashion-industrial complex creates new so-called styles by bending or breaking the time-honored traditions in menswear; thus it is that designers and commentators may debate whether baggy or fitted pants are 'in' this season while neither look as good as the timeless middle-ground. A good deal of men still rely on women to hold their hands through shopping trips, but since the prerogatives of fit are altogether different for women's clothing, the results are often sorry. 

      Finally, when you are buying a garment, the retailer has little incentive to tailor it properly, since nobody seeks out a mall store because he's heard they do great alterations. Thus as in so many things, it falls to each man to take responsibility for the fit of his own clothes, and not to be swayed by the prolific selection of poor choices or the dubious influence of models, salesmen, and the opposite sex.

      The first step in acquiring properly fitting clothes knows what proper fit looks like. In general, clothes should be comfortable, but not loose. Pants should be worn at the natural waist, near the navel. Young people with flat stomachs may choose to wear them lower, as has been the style for a decade or so, but they gain little in doing so. The man with a belly, on the other hand, looks much better with high-rise trousers draping from his middle than with his stomach spilling over a low-rise waistband.

      Differnt types of tie's

      The right men's tie can be the polish that gives an outfit the perfect shine. But with an unlimited number of colors, patterns, and fabrics to choose from the gentleman can be left with a difficult choice of which one to choose. For many men, the solution is to avoid variety and stick with a small collection of solid colored or simple striped ties. While there is nothing wrong with traditionalist solids and stripes, the multitude of options available makes a strong case for injecting some variety into the wardrobe.

      The Solid Tie
      • Looking at color and sample options, the most basic is the solid.
      • A solid tie is easiest to match; one simply selects a tie that coordinates with one of the colors in the suit or shirt.
      • However, within this simplicity lies the danger of over coordination, the faux pas of looking too matched or having put too much time into the outfit. Avoid a blue tie and blue shirt with a navy blue suit;

      The Striped Tie :
      • Equally classic is the men's stripe tie, which is easily matched with solid suits and shirts by selecting a stripe that complements.
      • In the case of a patterned jacket, shirt, or both, the key is to maintain colors that complement and attend to diversity of scale.
      • A finely pinstriped suit calls for a boldly striped tie, while a strong checked shirt would be better suited by a more subdued stripe.

      The Plaid Tie :
      • Harder to find, this choice of neckwear is a great way to embolden an otherwise plain outfit.
      • Creating the illusion of dimension, this tie will draw attention to itself so do not pair it with an overpowering shirt.
      • Look to pair this tie with solid colored suits and shirts.
      Dots, Paisley, and Figure Ties :
      • Polka dots, paisley, and figure – meaning small repeating images such as a university/club/military crest – have become much more common over the years.
      • If kept in good taste, avoiding flamboyant colors and designs, these ties can liven up any solid or striped suit.
      • Such ties are matched to an ensemble by their primary color, with attention paid to avoiding secondary colors that visibly clash with the shirt and suit.

      Men's Suit Fabrics

      When ordering a custom suit, a man is confronted with a sometimes discouraging selection of fabrics. While proportion and fit are mostly dictated by your body, you may select your suit's fabric considering climate, occasion, and the image you hope to project. What follows is a primer on textile terminology intended to demystify the world of suit fabrics.

      For centuries now, most men's suits have been made out of wool. This faithful textile drapes beautifully, maintains its form reliably, and can be spun and woven to be lightweight and breathable, or to be warm and cozy. Worsted wool, from which most suits are made, goes through a finishing process that leaves it smooth and somewhat shiny.

      Suitings are often categorized by fine quality. The wool number, e.g. 90s, originally meant the number of 560-yard spools a spinner could get out of a pound of raw wool at the thickness in question, with three-digit numbers earning the prefix Super." Since textiles are not harshly regulated in most countries, these numbers may be overstated. Finer yarns are smoother in appearance, softer to the touch, and produce lighter fabrics. They are also more luxurious, less durable, and more prone to wrinkling. 80s wool makes beautiful suiting’s that are perfect for work. 

      Super 100s is a bit more luxurious, and Super 120s is extremely smooth. Many men believe that anything finer is too finicky for normal wear, but for those who crave decadently fine cloths the high-tech textile manufacturers turn out fabrics as fine as Super 200s.

      The weight of the fabric, e.g. 10 oz, is what a yard of the fabric weighs. Heavier fabrics are, naturally, warmer than lighter ones. 10-12 oz suitings are ideal for spring and fall, as well as Northern summers and Southern winters. Lighter fabrics, often called "tropical" wool without a specific weight, are nearly as cool as shorts, perfect for hot summers. Flannel and tweed, in weights of 14 to 18 oz, are best for cold winters.

      Wool flannel is not complete the same way that worsted wool is, and it is so softer, even slightly fuzzy. It can be heavy, for winter, or light, for spring, fall, and cooler summers. Flannel was the fabric of choice for business men of the post-war United States, as shown in the 1956 film The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, and today it retains a prominent spot in the pantheon of business attire.

      Men's white suits

      Men’s business wardrobe is one of the most important aspects; therefore selecting proper clothing and accessories proclaims social and financial status. Men’s white suits are most fit for many events such as Business meeting, fashion events etc. Men’s white suits are available in various hues as well as patterns. White Suit is great for any occasions. Men’s white suits look different in different patens and material. White color is the color of Joy, lightness, neutral, cold. It depicts dignity, joy, light and innocence.

      Men’s white suits are the most suitable suit color for men’s fashion. Men’s white suit is also most appropriate as wedding suit. Men in White suits make excellent personalities.  White suit is become the first choice for the grooms while selecting men suit for wedding. Groom in white wedding suit with new designs look elegant and matchless on their wedding day. One should look attractive and pleasing to the eye on your special day of life such as wedding day.

      Richness in fabrics and good tailoring never go out of style. The amount of material and tailoring required made white men’s suits luxury items. In white zoot suit, many young people wore a more moderate version of the draped pants. Using proper mix and match with dress shirts, white suit can be worn quite often during the week and you can still look different each time. White color generally has easy similarity with many basic colors such as light blue, dark blue, light pink dress shirts. These colors can be blended within any combination of patterns on the dress shirt and make your white suit look refreshing each time.

      Men’s Taupe Suits

      Taupe suits are both flexible and stylish. When selecting a suit of this color, it is significant to consider what would be the proper shade of taupe for your skin tone and body type. The range of colors can go from a darker khaki color to a lighter, nearly tan shade of taupe.

      Taupe shades are liable to look great on most skin tones. However ones with darker skin do tend to look the best in this color. And it complements a multiplicity of body types, with ones of a taller stature looking the best in this color.

      Accessories worn with shades of taupe would look best if they are in accent colors that complement this color. The best accent colors for this shade tend to be the more cool earth tones such as blues and greens.

      A suit in this color would work well in a somewhat less formal business setting, dressed up with a white shirt and a blue or green patterned tie. Or you could dress the suit down for more informal settings, wearing an attractive dress shirt paired with a solid tie.

      You have many options when it comes to coordinating footwear for a suit like this. Shades of brown or a black shoe would both complement taupe nicely.

      The Men's WaistCoats

      Vests and waistcoats are most graceful garments that add more to an outfit than most accessories. They can add procedure to suits, style to unmatched outfits, comfort to casual wear, or warmth to business dress in cool weather.

      A three-piece suit is an excellent starting place for a man with no other vested outfits, as the vest can be worn separately with other garments - the only care here is that any piece of a suit will, if worn too frequently, wear and become lighter in color than the other pieces. Rotate the wardrobe to keep everything matching properly.

      After a first waistcoat, the decision of how often to be dressed in vested garments is really every man's choice. Any style worn without difference gets boring, so don't be "the vest guy" - but have at least a few standing by for days when a little extra flair is called for. The versatility and unusual style of waistcoats and vests is too good for a well-dressed man to pass on entirely.

      The Navy blue men’s suits

      Business offices that still need suits are invariably dominated by two basic colors: charcoal gray and navy blue. Charcoal gray is the more popular of the two thanks to it’s contributed the same high dress standard with somewhat less color-matching challenges.

      However both remain permanent classics of men's style and if a man only own two suits he should have one at least be navy blue.

      Navy blue offers unique advantages that earn it a place in most sensitive suit-wearers' closets. Most prominently, navy is a young color, lending an impression of youthfulness to the wearer that older men may find very flattering.

      First-time suit buyers and expert dressers alike will want to keep the benefits of the navy color in mind as they build their wardrobes.

      Men's Formal Suits Wear

      After this year’s Golden Globe awards where all the celebrities are supposed to be in their most excellent formal attire, it really hit home that some men need help in this area. If our beloved celebrities who have designers and stylists to advise them can’t get men’s formal wear right for the red carpet, how do we expect the average man to accurately pick the right attire and more importantly, how to wear it?

      One of the things noticed on the red carpet is the lack of wearing attire suitably. Loose ties, ill-fitting tuxedos, unbuttoned collars and a generally unkempt appearance are major examples of what not to do if you are going to the difficulty of getting all dressed up in formal ensemble, comb your hair, shave, tighten the tie and look amazing.  If you look elegant, you’ll feel graceful and have a much better time at your formal occasion.

      There are several components to a tuxedo. This season, the traditional bow tie was used frequently as well as the cravat. Dolce & Gabbana used silk cravats almost exclusively throughout the collection. Still popular are the long ties and band ties but not so much as the classic bow tie.  No white ties or other colors for formal outfit. Go with classic black in silk or velvet.

      Dress shirts should be either white or black. Crisp, smooth lines with pleats or without are the favored style. Choose point or cut away collars. Using silk in the shirt choice is a great way to add a bit more twinkle to your outfit. Roberto Cavalli used silk frequently in his collection. Avoid ruffles this season. Keep the shirt simple and elegant.

      Don’t get caught wearing a cummerbund. Instead, opt for a vest to match either the pants or the jacket, but either is acceptable. Best option for formal wear is a sharp, tailored look. If you choose to pair the vest with your pants, choose the same color and fabric. If you match it with the jacket, use the same color but you may use different fabrics. Silk, brocade and velvet were featured often and look dashingly elegant.

      Tips to buy a men’s suits

      For men, a good suit is very essential. So how to buy a great suit? We will suggest you some guide to buy a nice suit.
      It's all in the below details...

      Flower Loop:

      Stitched by hand under the collar to hold the base of the flower that few men ever wear anymore, it's the kind of detail that shows the tailor cares on tradition. And tradition, in matters of tailoring, is a good thing for a great suit.

      Hand-Stitched Sleeve Lining:

      A sure sign the shoulder will fit closely and comfortably. Check the inside seam where the arm meets the body: If it's been sewn by hand, you will see barely perceptible creases or pleats where the two cloths come together.

      Hand-Finished Interior Pocket:

      Check the inside left breast pocket: If it's set off by strips of the external fabric of your suit, which means it's been reinforced, so it's better able to stow your wares without drooping.
      Hidden Pocket:

      It's a credit-card-sized compartment that conceals valuable possessions right next to your family jewels. Beyond useful, believe us, especially if you are walking the shadier streets of suit maker Isaiah’s hometown of Naples.

      Vented Pleats:

      This subtle fold up falls just below the internal waistband and ensures a good fit. It also helps prevent tucked-in shirts from bagging or slipping out.

      So make clear this details about the suits, you can buy a good suit more easily.

      How to find a Bussiness Women skirt suit

      Five ways to Find a Women Skirt:

      Go to your confined mall, head to a department store and sift through the woman's department. Once you find the "business" section, think about what type of skirt suit you are shopping for.

      Choose a stylish skirt suit for work. Stay away from short skirts and loud colors. For work-related purposes, skirts should not come above the knee or thigh.

      Pick a shorter skirt for a more flirtatious look, and pair it with a more stylish blazer. In addition to department stores, boutiques offer smart twists on the traditional skirt suit.

      Wear a more dressy skirt suit for special occasions. Depending on the event, longer skirts paired with stylish blazers are more appropriate. Look for fabrics such as silk and satin for a dressy skirt suit look.

      Add some skirt suits to your wardrobe for casual outings. These should have casual fabrics such as linen and light cotton.

      About kid’s clothing

      Kids' clothing can be a lot of fun and also a lot of torture. If you know what size your child wears and you keep the shopping to the point and upbeat, clothing your kid can be a real breeze.

      The key is to know your child's size and style before you ever browse the products - otherwise, you will have trouble to finding something your kid can wear and even more trouble finding something your kid wants to wear.

      Whether you are shopping for a Charles or Christina is no matter - this guide is designed to help you find the way the overwhelming world of children's clothing with ease and comfort.

      If you are shopping for a little girl, be warned - you may find more range and variety in her closet than in your own. When you consider the huge amount of clothing styles available with the specificity of a little girl's taste, shopping for girls can be a huge headache.

       If you can get your hands on a sticky tape measure and a scale, you're in business. All you need are a few immediate measurements to determine her size, and you're just about ready to go.

      But before you add whatever thing to your shopping cart, find out her favorite color. This is a great way to get your child eager about getting dressed in the morning - buy clothes that are fun to wear.

      Just be careful - kids have a tendency to change their minds soon. If she decides she does not like pink tomorrow morning, will she still have something to wear?

      Men's Luxury Suits

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