Different Patterns in Men’s Suits

Just as suit style, fit and color, suit patterns are also important. Solid, Pinstripe, Windowpane, and Check patterns are four main suit designs to consider.

Solid Suit:
The solid suit is a plain suit which consists of only single color. These suits must differentiate themselves with pocket, button, lapel, and vent style. They are versatile, neutral and safe for all situations. The popular colors include black, charcoal gray, navy blue and even white.

This style of pattern consists of vertical lines running all over the suit jacket and pants. These stripes of color can vary in thickness depending on the designer's vision. The Pinstripe is by far the most popular striped suit and men use this suit to look more formal and authoritative.

Window Pane:
This suit pattern is created by both vertically and horizontally running lines to make square or rectangular "windowpane" patterns. These suits are more stylish than the previous models.

The plaid suit is one of the fancier patterned suits on the market. This  mens suits can’t be seen as often as many of the other suit patterns on the market because of its high cost and difficult tailoring methods. This suit is similar to the windowpane suit with its use of vertical and horizontal lines. However, the lines will run in close knit groups with various gaps to create the box like openings. This pattern can be worn to less formal office settings and fun social gatherings such as church, weddings, and parties.

Check Patterns:
The check patterned suit is similar to the window pane suit with one exception. This suit has every other square or rectangle filled with horizontal lines.This suit pattern is one of the trendier styles that can be worn to important social events. You can wear this suit on formal dates, church, weddings and even parties.

Tips to Find Cheap Mens Designer Suits

Don’t worry, if you are in need of a mens suit but don’t have enough money to purchase one. It’s possible to get cheap suits, if you know where to look.
  • Visit your local thrift store. Thrift shops are a great resource to locate cheap men’s designer suits. You would be amazed at how many designer suits that you can find at a thrift store. They will all be extremely discounted. Ensure that there is nothing wrong with the suit before you purchase it.
  • Visit local garage sales. Many people sell their old suits at their garage sale rather than trying to sell it online. 
  • Browse online. Many designer websites clearance last year’s style during the year. These suits are ideal if you want to have the designer label but not pay the designer price.
  • Look into online auction sites. Several people try to sell their suits online to get more money out of them. Many online auction sites have thousands of suits up for sale. Watch out for fakes and knockoffs.

Tips to Dress if You are Short

A few simple dos and don'ts can give the illusion of extra inches.

  • Put on tops whose details pull the eye down vertically; V-necks are a good option.
  • Tuck shirts into pants to make your legs appear longer, which will make you look taller.
  • Opt for clothes that fit close to your body. Bulky ones - like over-sized jackets and tops - will draw the eyes out horizontally.
  • Try slim pants that closely follow your thighs and butt to make you look taller.
  • Wearing vertical stripes - for instance, a pinstripe mens suit will make you look taller.
  • Put on short skirts, avoiding skirts that cut slightly below the knee or at mid-calf.
  • Slip into higher-heeled shoes. Letting your cuff less pant legs drape over high shoes will provide an instant look of height.

Types of Wedding Suits

Usually when we think of men's wedding attire, traditional tuxedos is the thing that comes to our mind. Just like women, men also have choices when it comes to wedding suits. Though men do not have as many choices as women, there are choices available nevertheless. Wedding outfit for men varies from laid back and casual to black-tie formal.

Men's formalwear should be 3 pieces and consist of a tuxedo jacket and pants, along with a cummerbund or vest. The tuxedo jacket can be either single breasted, double breasted or three buttons, based on groom’s preference. Both bowties and neckties are acceptable. Match colors to the bridal party, or base them on time of day. For daytime weddings, lighter colored suits and accessories work well, whereas the darker suits are appropriate for evenings. Pair a three-piece suit with a pair of shiny patent dress shoes.

Men’s semi-formal wedding attire is a scaled-down suit. The bridegroom would be dressed in a jacket and pants, preferably with a tie. Tuck shirts in, and opt for a cotton-dress material. Go for a tailored suit, not a relaxed one. For daytime, Lighter shades are suitable but avoid them for evening weddings. Men should match up the Mens suit with a loafer or dress shoe.

Beach Casual:
Beach casual wedding attire for men is apt for a beach, backyard or any other sort of outdoor wedding. Men's wedding apparel for beach casual would include a loose-fitting shirt made of cotton or linen and a pair of cotton or linen slacks. The bridegroom can wear the shirt either tucked in or out of the waistband of the slack. A light sport jacket can also give a beach casual wedding outfit more of a suit feel. Groom can either go barefooted or pair the outfit with sandals or slip-on shoes. The color palate often consists of natural shades of brown, green and blue.

Mens Hat has always been a Favorite Accessory

Your mens suits or tuxedo would surely enhance your persona if you accessorize it well. But there is certainly a time and place for everything. This is applicable to all accessories and especially mens hats. Several reasons can be cited as to why a man should wear a hat. But many times men are confused to when and where it is best suited to wear a hat.

Mostly you wear a mens suit or tuxedo while attending a special occasion. Hence it is always a good idea to wear anything that comes with the suit or tuxedo even if it is a hat. After all there would indeed be a reason to add the hat along with the suits. It would surely go well with the overall look of the suit or the tuxedo. Thus wearing it would make you look better and handsome. Zoot suits, which is another popular style is usually worn with felt hat that has a long feather and with pointy French-style shoes.

It is always a good idea to wear a hat when it is sunny outside. The reasons are so obvious; it would give protection to your eyes and face from the harmful rays of the sun. If you are exposed to the harmful rays for a long time, it can cause damage like loss of vision and even skin cancer to the worse. Hence a mens hat is a smart thing to wear. In addition it would also give an overall cooling effect as the face would be in the shadow of the brim of the hat. On the other hand, you can also wear a hat if the weather is too chilly outside. A beanie mens hat is a good choice to keep the head warm. Even though the cold would not do much damage as the harmful sun’s rays, it would cause headaches or chills if the head is directly exposed to the cold for a long time. So it would be better if you wear a hat. The mens hat also compliments the sports attires and varies for each sport item.

Apart from all the above mentioned reasons, there is one important reason for which people wear a hat. It is simply because they feel like wearing them.