Women's Business Clothing-Suits

Womens business suits can be pumped up with items that include fall color trends. Here are several of the fall 2009 Pantone colors. Use them for accent pieces with basic-black womens suits and other work-wear neutrals.


Here are some of the fashionable colors and a brief description of each from the Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2009.

  • American Beauty: A true red, which is “perfect for all skin tones”.
  • Purple Heart: This color “connotes a sense of refinement”.
  • Rapture Rose: This pinky color has the feel of “fuchsia and the softness of pink.” It’s a great color for cosmetics, as well.
  • Warm Olive: This is “a rich yellow-green”.
  • Majolica Blue: This blue is “a deep mysterious teal”.
These trendy colors will all work together. It can be fun to mix them up.

Basic Black and Neutrals

The Pantone colors can be additional to a woman’s basic black suit pieces and will add sophistication to other trendy neutrals like.