Most of the men not suited for suits, this is one of the great complicated to men. The things you need to know is that there are four main styles. Everything else is just a four types of suits. There are

1. American suits
2. English suits
3. Mandarin suits
4. Italian suit

The Italian style is a double breasted suit and is usually a good choice for tall men. But, it’s bad choice for short men.

The British style is single breasted and gives off a more royal look than its counterparts.

The American style is the most relaxed of the four and gives off a younger image. It’s very flexible to all kind of people. It gives Very Royalty Look.

The Mandarin suit is the most unique of the four as it is influenced by more traditional eastern cultures.

Which style you choose is really a matter of preference. You must consider the body type, personal style, and where you plan to wear the suit.

Suit patterns are just as important as suit style, fit and color. There are four main suit designs to consider: solid, pinstripe, windowpane, and check patterns.


Solid Suit are suits that consist of one color with no built in patterns. These suits must differentiate themselves with pocket, button, lapel, and find expression for style. They are neutral and safe for all situations.


Pinstripe suits have vertical lines of color evenly spaced throughout the suit. These stripes of color can vary in thickness depending on the designer’s vision. Pinstripes give the wearer a more authoritative look.

Window Pane:

Window pane suits have either a square or rectangular pattern throughout the suit. This is created with the use of widely spaced horizontal and vertical stripes. These suits are more stylish than the previous models.

Check Patterns:

The check patterned suit is similar to the window pane suit with one exception. This suit has every other square or rectangle filled with horizontal lines. Wear this suit as one of your more trendy stylish versions. It looks very simple and smart.

Make sure it suits you

Do you really want to remember your wedding day as one of best day in your life? No i don't like to think so.To avoid this embarrassing scenario, make sure you try on everything in one week before the wedding, to see if it still fits.

Another part of ensuring a good fit is getting it right the first time. Make sure you get measured for your waist size, inseam and jacket size. Make sure that you are measured around the upper arms and thighs as well, especially if you are a beefy or muscular guy.


Your suit jacket should fit well and give you a full range of motion, both buttoned and unbuttoned. Remember that you will be dancing, hugging, and shaking hands.

Make sure you are not constricted.Your vest should button comfortably and hit just below the waistband of your pants.

If you are wearing a vest to a summer wedding, make sure it has a full back, so that you are still looking good when the jackets inevitably come off.


You want to look dashing and charming in your duds, not like a kid getting swallowed up in your dad's sport coat.

If you are a shorter guy, stick to single-breasted jackets – double-breasted jackets will give you that drowning-in-fabric look and make you appear smaller.

If you are bigger around the middle, wear a lower-buttoning jacket rather than one with a higher placket. It will give you the good look for others.

While this is a formal occasion, you need not spend your honeymoon nursing the blisters from your shoes, or spend a July wedding sweltering under heavy wool.

Make sure you can walk around in your shoes, and pick a fabric for your wedding suit that matches the season and the climate.

Depending on the level of formality and time of day of your wedding, you have a wide range of options.

If you are having a formal daytime wedding, you may want to forget the standard tux for a dapper morning suit, with a cutaway jacket, gray pinstripe trousers, and an ascot.

Or, if you're getting married in the summer, you could choose for a white dinner suit instead of a standard black suit.

Let your formal wear dealer know what season and time of day you will be getting married, and they will likely offer you more choices than you even knew you had.

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Your business suit is all about one thing. How you are apparent by all persons with whom you come into contact during the course of your business dealings.

Obviously, your abilities, records and achievements in your business dealings are the major factor, but without a good suit it can sometimes be enormously difficult to take someone seriously.

There are going to be occasions when someone is known famously in their business circle for being a real shabby dresser. There are, and will always be heads of large corporations who arrive for work each day in jeans and t-shirt, but they are the exception rather than the rule.

A man who is dressed very smart and fashionable will always be taken sincerely. It gives you a head start because it’s assumed you take as much arrogance in your work as your appearance.

Sadly, in the upper echelons of business, a honest suit is not always enough. If you are submitting a proposal to the board of your prospective clients wearing a nice, well fitted top designer suit you will look “the part” and those listening will automatically assume you know what you are talking about.

Imagine if the roles were overturned and you were sitting meeting the representative of a company who wished to sell to you.
Without giving it too much thought, if he is dressed in a cheap suit you will instantly have a reduced perception of, not only him, but his proposal and the company he represents.

Psychologists will tell you that forming a first impression is inevitable. And first impressions really do count.

How many times have we formed an opinion of someone simply because of the way they give the impression of being, only to later discover that you were wrong. Don’t ever allow that to happen to you.

Always wear the best and most fashionable business suit you can. Create a great first impression….sometimes you may not have a second chance.

How to buy a men's suit ?

How to buy a suit, is the question of the day for many men trying to purchase a suit for the first time.

Of course it really isn't that hard to go to the store, give them your credit card and leave with a suit.

However, I'm sure anybody spending hundreds of dollars would like to know what he's buying first.

One of the main points of this website is to make you an informed buyer. This section along with, how to wear a suit, should give you all you need to make a proper purchase.

The first thing you absolutely need to do is to get your suit measurements.
Getting measured will tell you whether or not you need to check out slim suits or big and tall men’s suits.

That you have your measurements take a look at some of the different parts of a suit, suit patterns, and suit styles.

It might be a good idea to check out some of the best men’s suits. You can do this by checking out the different types and styles on the left navigation bar.

The pictures on these pages will help you get a good visual on what I'll tell you in the men’s suit styles section.

Now that you know how to buy a suit, the only places left to go before we go shopping are measuring the suit and how to wear a suit.
This page will help you out greatly if you plan on buying a suit at a shipment shop or a yard sale.

If you plan to buy your suit online or at a store then you can disregard this and go straight to the shopping for suits section.

This section will give you tips on what to do when you in the store or searching online.