About Summer suits

Summer is just started, and men do not want to wear clothing that is made of heavy fabrics, especially when it comes to everyday men's suits or formal clothing. In business or for many professional men, the men's suits or the business clothing codes do not change, even when the weather gets hot.

But even on the hottest of days, men are also adapting their professional wardrobe to go with the summer season, in this way they can step up against their competitors. Adapting their men’s suits with the summer season gives also a comfort at the same time. Here are some tips or guide on how to pick men’s suits for summer season that give comfort and style.

A cotton suits is one of the greatest choice in summer season. They said cotton men’s suits are king of hot weather, in professional wear or in business attire. A natural cotton fiber are very breathable, the heat and sweat will not become trapped in the suit. Choosing a cotton men’s suits look for the one that do not appear like wool. A cream, stone or khaki is very good in summer season than navy or black men’s suits.

Many say that wool fabric in suits is very adaptive in all season, which is true. A true light weight wool suit, are very perfect in summer season because it keeps you cool and repels moisture.

Linen also is one the best fabric in summer it breathes well and can actually absorb moisture while still feeling dry to touch. In this fabric it is stronger than cotton. Linen also cool to touch. Linen men’s suits are always classy, because it looks incredibly good and it is very lightweight, in this way men are able to enjoy wearing them in summer.

This suit is perfect for men when he wants to get dressed up during the day because of its lighter look. But in this fabric it is easily wrinkle.

Seersucker is another top-pick for summer. Seersucker is puckered which makes it one of the cooler fabrics since this puckering creates space between the fabric and the skin. This fabric does not require ironing because it has a wrinkle-like appearance.

Moreover, when you are selecting for a suits for summer, always look for a label to see what the garment is made from. A quality plant fiber fabric like cotton, have for over a millennial successfully wicked away heat and provided protection from the sun. These natural properties allow them to dispel heat and pass moisture through.

During hot weather loosen up is very advantageous, this allow air flow as you move. Airflow help sweat on your skin to evaporates. You may unbutton your cuffs to allow more airflow up into the sleeves.

Suits are generally not something you need to worry about. Try to choose colorful and light colors of shirt to go with your summer men’s suits. In summer season a white cotton shirt is a safest choice.

The Wedding Business Suits

At your big day, you may have to choose a unique wedding dress for yourself, and then you must also choose a suitable suit for your honey. So here we will guide and help you find the suitable mens suits.

  • First, you must make sure what kind of style you want for your suits. I think the most important thing is that the suit must match your honey’s figure. And then you will make sure what kind of occasions you will take part in. The formal and informal suits are necessary for you, so you had better have two pieces in your wardrobe.
  • Then, you will choose the colors of your wedding suit. The most popular colors are black and navy, which will make you seem much mature. But you had better choose a kind of suit match your honey’s skin.
  • Third, here comes the fabric of the suits. The nicest fabric of the suit is polyester, which is in good cost performance. Besides, if the suit is with nice hand feel, you can consider.
  • Forth, you may also consider the handwork of the suits. The fasteners and color must in standard level.
  • Finally, you must make sure the suit comes with good package.

The Formal Wear suits

One of the things noticed on the red carpet is the lack of wearing attire appropriately. Loose ties, ill-fitting tuxedos, unbuttoned collars and a generally unkempt appearance are prime examples of what not to do when sporting formal wear.

If you are going to the trouble of getting all dressed up in formal collection, comb your hair, shave, tighten the tie and look amazing. If you look elegant, you willl feel elegant and have a much better time at your formal occasion.

Dress shirts should be either white or black. Crisp, smooth lines with pleats or without are the VIP style. Choose point or cut away collars. Using silk in the shirt choice is a great way to add a bit more sparkle to your outfit. Roberto Cavalla used silk frequently in his collection. Avoid ruffles this season. Keep the shirt simple and elegant.

Best option for formal wear is a sharp, tailored look. If you choose to pair the vest with your pants, choose the same color and fabric. If you match it with the jacket, use the same color but you may use different fabrics. Silk, brocade and velvet were featured often and look cheerfully elegant.
Pants are black or grey using velvet or brocade. Piping in silk portrays a young, sexy image. Ensure a perfectly tailored look for your attire. Do not go with a too tight or too baggy look. Flat front with front seam down the leg was widely seen. Belts with ornate buckles give the pants a bit of personality.

As with most clothing trends this season, formal wear is designed predominantly in dark colors. Black is the most prevalent with charcoal grey coming in a close second. We see some colorful accents but mostly black on black, black on white and charcoal and black combination are seen. Silk, velvet and brocade are the fabrics used most often to give some luster to the clothes and lend a sultry appeal.

Whatever options suits your style, show some personality by opting for the use of today’s fabrics. Although the trend is black, the use of accessories and fabrics give it just enough drama to be fun. A neat, clean, tailored look is what you should always aim for in formal wear. Show up at your next black tie event sporting the latest in formal fashions to get the red carpet treatment you deserve.

Five Types of Men's Suits

Men's suits:

An ill-fitting suit can be seen from miles away and has a damaging effect on your image. So getting the right fit in a suit and having it tailored is rather important, that is if you have any concern about how you might come across in an interview, to a client or to your peers. The first thing to do, if you have not already, is getting properly measured.

This includes: neck, shoulders, sleeves, chest, waist and inseam. Once you know your size you are free to hit the dressing rooms. And when you do go shopping for men's suits, keep these six things in mind:

Choosing a Fabric:

Let’s get one thing clear, unless you have a closet full of suits and want something different, worsted wools are your best bet for a suit. These include gabardines or mid-weight corded wools. Either way they are considered mid-weight.
And good fabric will spring back without wrinkling after it's squeezed. Just remember that worsted wools wear well and are typically good year-round depending on where you live.

The Hem on Your Trouser:

Nothing says slack more than a pile of fabric at your ankle. Your pants should reach your shoes and have a slight break. Cuffed or uncuffed is your choice, but keep in mind that cuff less makes you look taller if you happen to be a little shorter and cuffs looks better on someone with long legs. Cuffs also appeal to a more mature consumer.

The Length of Your Sleeves:

Make sure your sleeve length is right on; otherwise you will look like you borrowed someone else’s suit. If the sleeve covers your shirt cuff, it is too long. It should just reach the base of your thumb, revealing a half inch to an inch of your shirt cuff—very classy.

The Waist of the Jacket:

The jacket should fit easily across your stomach. The traditional American cut suit with two buttons, which has been a foundation for many years, is being replaced by suit jackets which are more fitted and have three and four buttons.

The General Fit of Your Suit:

When it is all said and done, you should be able to stretch and bend easily in your suit. Make sure that you that you have free movement of your arms. As a test, bring your arms out straight in front of you, and also try sitting in a chair and pretend you are working. You should always be comfortable.

Women's Business Suits

Women business suits come in all shapes, colors, and fabrications, and the more you know, the more likely you are to choose the right suit for the job. Whether you are leading a company, leading a seminar, or leading a client through your sales process, there’s a perfect business suit for you.

So now that you know how long business suits have been in use, let’s look at the elements that you need to consider when choosing the most appropriate women’s suit for you.


The most formal business suits have clean, tailored lines that don’t distract from the costume or call attention to body beneath. All business, no nonsense, focus goes to the matters at hand. Wear them in legal proceedings, when discussing large sums of money, or when speaking to people in traditional business fields like law, banking, and high finance.

Women business suits with unusual accompaniments or artistic cuts are better suited to more creative, less formal businesses like interior design, event planning, fund raising, and the like. The goal is business with a touch of originality.

Suits with very female shapes like fluted skirts and form-fitting cuts are not appropriate for business. Wear them for social activities instead, like social lunches and teas.


The most formal colors for business are blue, black, brown, and gray. Red and green may also be worn, but remember that if you’re speaking or moving around a lot, bright colors can be hard to look at for long periods of time. In most formal businesses, the suit is typically one color, where the jacket matches the skirt or trousers.

In less formal, more artistic businesses, fashion colors like plum, teal, rust, and salmon are usually okay. Just don’t get TOO wild – hot pink and lime green come to mind – or you won’t be taken seriously. Suit pieces may be matching, or they may be different colors. Just remember that if you wear one piece of a suit more than the other, still have them dry cleaned at the same time so color remains consistent in both pieces.

Pastel colored suits like yellow, light pink, and lavender are soft and lovely, but not appropriate for business since they are so female. Save them for religious or social occasions like church, weddings, and teas.


Formal women business suits are typically made from fine natural fabrics like wool or silk. They may be mixed with manmade fibers, but remember that the higher you climb on the corporate ladder or the higher the caliber of client you deal with, the better the fabrication should be.

Suits made of nubby fabrics, cotton, or denim may be worn for creative or casual businesses. But don’t go overboard - even if you are an artist. Remember, you should shine, not your clothes. If the suit will detract from the business at hand, wear something else.