Men’s Suits and Dressing Common Terms

For Men’s wear, particularly in Men’s suit there are various words used by tailor or shoppers. These common terms are necessary to know for Men’s wear. Knowing terms for Men’s wear give perfect guidelines in selecting or tailoring Men’s dress.

Men’s Suit: Jackets :
•    Full dress: Tails or Tailcoat   
•    Cutaway:  Morning coat. They are short in the front and long in the back. Tapers from the front to a wide back tail. Usually reserved for "Morning or Daytime" weddings.
•    Mandarin: standup style coat with no lapels.
•    Tuxedo:  "regular" coat
•    Stroller: semi-formal suit jacket
•    Single-breasted: Single-breasted coats button down the center. In regards to jacket; symmetrical front; buttons at the center; option of leaving coat buttoned or unbuttoned
•    Double-breasted: Double-breasted coats cross-over the center to button. In regards to jacket; one side of coat overlaps the center and buttons across to the other side; usually gives a fuller look in the chest area; suggested that these coats be buttoned at all times while standing.

Men’s Suit: Lapels:
There are different types of Lapel (commonly known as collar) for Men Suit’s Coat as follows:
•    Notch Lapel: Triangular Indentation in lapel (It is considered as most common and popular lapel style for man’s suit)
•    Peak Lapel: V-shaped Lapel that points upward
•    Shawl Collar: Rounded lapels

Men’s Suit: Coat and Trouser Material:
For Men’s suit, terms used for various types of fabric such as super wool of 100, 110, 120 count
•    Worsted Wool: 100% Wool fabric (standard); thread count is generally 60 to 75 threads per inch in worsted wool.
•    Super 100s: Finer and softer wool that Super 100s for Men’s suit. In super 100’s material thread count is 100 threads per inch.
•    Super 110s: even softer than the Super 100s; thread count is 110 threads per inch.
•    Super 120s: Men’s suit with Wool Super 120’s is considered as the soft material. In super 120’s the softer thread count is 120 threads per inch.

Men’s Suit: Shirts:
•    Wingtip: Standup collar with downward points. Most popular and most formal choice.
•    Mandarin: Standup collar without the points.
•    Down collar: Similar to your standard dress shirt
•    Cross wick: Crosses in front and is fastened with a button cover
•    Material options: 100% cotton, poly/cotton blend, micro fiber
•    French cuffs: Folded over and closed with cufflinks
•    Convertible cuffs: not folded over; closed with cufflinks