Nikki Reed's Engagement Shows: Ring Sparling and New Tattoos!

She may not have Kim Kardashian's glossy meteorite, but Nikki Reed is a proud mama of her new engagement ring. Nikki was broke all over town this past weekend showing of that attractive jeweled finger of hers. Oh, and her fiancé, former American Idoler Paul McDonald. First it was the Motivation Awards, where the bling matched her pretty little frock, and then a lovey-dovey romp around town.

And if that doesn't encourage ya, Nikki's fairing another sign of her eternal love:

The Twilight star and her singing soon-to-be hubby are viewing just how serious they are about their two-month old love. That's right; the twosome tattooed each other's names on their right ring fingers Completely cringe-worthy if the duo splits, sweetly cringe-worthy if they stick together!

The whole everlasting inking didn't work out for Angie and Billy Bob, but better luck to you two!

In any case, the tats are discreet, so NBD right?

Heck, we hardly noticed the tat as the bright Nikki bounced around L.A. this weekend. It may have been because we were abstracted by the paparazzi PDA. Or maybe 'cause we were looking at the ring she keeps waving around for everyone to see which BTW has an estimated price tag of $30,000.

Well best of luck you two, can't wait to keep seeing pics of your bright engagement, then the wedding, we're sure, and maybe even the honeymoon, too!