Tips to Find the Types of Tuxedo that Suits You


Tuxedo is one of the most formal apparel for men. It has different types, which are specially designed for various occasions. However, not all types of tuxedos suit all men. So, before buying a suit, the first thing you need to do is to assess your body type. The following are the types of men according to their body type and the type of suit suitable for them.

Short and slim:
Single breasted tuxedo jackets with lines look fine for men with shorter, slender body frame. They should be cautious in choosing pants to make themselves more presentable. They can wear double pleated trousers, which should fall up to the top of the shoes. Gentlemen with this type of body frame can wear vests and ties with patterns.

Short and sturdy:
This means you are a short man with athletic or muscular body. If your body type is similar to this, go for a tux jacket with slim collars. Make sure the top button reach your waist to make your torso look leaner. Your pants should fall on your foot and angled slightly at the back to make your legs look longer. Avoid too much space on your feet, or else your pants will look sloppy. You should be careful when choosing colorful ties and vests.

Tall and Husky:
Men belonging to this type have broad shoulders and athletic body. Shawl collar tuxedos is the best for them. Jacket length and size are very important, though they can also wear a jacket that is a bit larger than their actual size. A bit loose jacket enables them ease of movement. To make certain they get the right jacket length, their fingertips must reach the bottom of the jacket. At the same, the shirt sleeves must extend at least one-fourth to one half inch beyond the sleeve of the jacket. If they have wide faces and thick necks, they should go for bow ties and t-shirts with lay-down collar instead of wing clip collared shirts and narrow ties.

Tall and lean:
Men with this type of body are so lucky. They are the male counterparts of women with pear-shaped figure. Any type of tuxedo suits well on tall and slim gentlemen. However, they look better when the jacket buttons are closed up high. They can also dress in ties and vests with any color and pattern.

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