Ways to Accessorize a Tuxedo

As men's formal wear is subject to so many rules, accessories are among the few means available for personal expression. Always keep in mind that you're trying to accessorize your tuxedo, not overwhelm it.
  • Buy a dress set for your tuxedo. This should comprise at least two shirt studs, two cuff links, and at least three vest buttons.
  • Opt for a bow tie in a fabric that goes together with your dinner jacket's trim. If the jacket is trimmed in satin, it's best to go with a satin bow tie so that the textures do not compete. Ribbed and woven fabrics go well with grosgrain trims.
  • In case you prefer to wear a bow tie in a color other than black, try to coordinate it with your handkerchief and cummerbund colors.
  • Place neatly folded handkerchiefs in your front breast pocket.
  • Wear braces or suspenders with the suspender tab directly above the first pleat of your trousers.
  • Get tuxedo slippers that are comfortable as well as stylish. Bear in mind that socks are a good place to show a little unexpected color or pattern.
  • Keep it tame. If you wish to add a dash of the bold and unexpected to your ensemble, try to limit it to only one item. If you try more than that, you risk going overboard.