Wedding Suit Designs for Men

Many feel that men's apparel for a wedding falls into two categories---suits or tuxedos. Fortunately, even if a suit is essential for the wedding, there are accessories and options to match the design with the wedding and with the man's personality.

Suit Style:
Suit styles vary from double-breasted to sports jackets. Based on the formality of the wedding, choose a formal or informal style.

Similar to tuxedos, some suits can be accessorized with a vest. Vests are available in many patterns and colors so it's easy to find one that fits the wedding colors or the personality of the person wearing it.

Tie prints range from traditional to wacky and fun. Wearing a tie with wedding bells or a plain-colored tie that matches the bridesmaid dresses are alternatives that will add a sense of style to the outfit.

Button up your suit jacket or leave it undone. Button it if you need a more formal look and unbutton it for less-formal occasions.

The materials that are used to make suits vary. In hotter climates, fabrics such as cotton or linen may be more appropriate. In cooler environments, wool and cotton blends may serve as stylish wedding suits choices that also keep you warm.