Office Clothing Tips for Men

Professional wardrobes differ from office to office. Little care which you take in dressing would definitely help you make a big difference in the impression you put up Given below are few office clothing tips for men that will ensure that you always look the professional part:
  •  Stay away from patterned and white socks. Stick with neutrals, like black or brown, and ensure that the color sock you put on matches your shoe. 
  •  Wear a white undershirt beneath your dress shirt. 
  •  Don't forget your belt. In most cases, it should go with the shoes and should be minimal in appearance (this means avoiding oversize buckles and any other type of embellishments). 
  •  Ties offer you at least a bit more leeway than any other part of your outfit. Feel free to select a colorful, printed style that complements your suit, but steer clear of far-out, bold styles in traditional workplaces. If you work in a creative industry, you may be able to get away with something brighter. 
  •  Take your cue from employees who have been working in the company for a significant period of time. Your dress sense should mirror theirs, as you want to blend in (the office is not the place to start making fashion statements).