Men's Formal Suits Wear

After this year’s Golden Globe awards where all the celebrities are supposed to be in their most excellent formal attire, it really hit home that some men need help in this area. If our beloved celebrities who have designers and stylists to advise them can’t get men’s formal wear right for the red carpet, how do we expect the average man to accurately pick the right attire and more importantly, how to wear it?

One of the things noticed on the red carpet is the lack of wearing attire suitably. Loose ties, ill-fitting tuxedos, unbuttoned collars and a generally unkempt appearance are major examples of what not to do if you are going to the difficulty of getting all dressed up in formal ensemble, comb your hair, shave, tighten the tie and look amazing.  If you look elegant, you’ll feel graceful and have a much better time at your formal occasion.

There are several components to a tuxedo. This season, the traditional bow tie was used frequently as well as the cravat. Dolce & Gabbana used silk cravats almost exclusively throughout the collection. Still popular are the long ties and band ties but not so much as the classic bow tie.  No white ties or other colors for formal outfit. Go with classic black in silk or velvet.

Dress shirts should be either white or black. Crisp, smooth lines with pleats or without are the favored style. Choose point or cut away collars. Using silk in the shirt choice is a great way to add a bit more twinkle to your outfit. Roberto Cavalli used silk frequently in his collection. Avoid ruffles this season. Keep the shirt simple and elegant.

Don’t get caught wearing a cummerbund. Instead, opt for a vest to match either the pants or the jacket, but either is acceptable. Best option for formal wear is a sharp, tailored look. If you choose to pair the vest with your pants, choose the same color and fabric. If you match it with the jacket, use the same color but you may use different fabrics. Silk, brocade and velvet were featured often and look dashingly elegant.