Traditional ties are making a return

Skinny or standard in width, they’re fashionable among Hollywood trendsetters. And they’re still a perfect present for the stylish man who wants to look good at work, find a new job or simply update an old suit or shirt.
It’s three days and counting until Father’s Day, and you haven’t a suspicion as what to get dear old — or young — Dad. This time, stick with a tie. The Men’s Wearhouse reports that tie purchases traditionally jump 10 percent during the two weeks leading up to Father’s Day. firm colors (red and blue are the most popular) account for 20 percent of the purchases. Considering the contemporary job market, a tie just might be the best gift. There’s a resurgence in professional dressing as more companies drop the business-casual alternative — and a great tie will help any man stand out on the job or at interviews.