If you are very fashion conscious and wish to maintain a unique fashion statement then you are among those types who like to dress up in line with the existing times. So, guys the best design for you is to hunt for a classic rented tuxedo. That will allow you to maintain your hip-hop style without paying a heavy price for it.

Deciding on the color of your tuxedo, must be clear as to whether it's a daytime occasion or a night function. If it's a couple entry occasion, then you should make sure what your partner is wearing because in such parties, the color of your clothing should go well with your partner's dress.

Guys keep in mind, that the ultimate thing that makes a difference is fit. Whatever you choose to wear or whether is ready made or tailored should be comfortable to wear. Make sure that it fits properly on the neck and shoulders. Shirtsleeve should be one and a half inch short from the jacket sleeve.