Great offers Suit stores with the purchase of any of genuine made-to-order Suits, Zoot Suits, Sports Coats or Dinner Jackets, Pants, or Tuxedos, and for only $99.99 extra, complete your outfit with our BIG DADDY’S SPECIAL! “ as given below:

* Spread collar buttons-cuff dress shirt in all color
* Retro-tie and hanky set else solid color tie and hanky set
* A Single Zoot Chain or a Double Zoot Chain
* Solid Color Suspenders in all color
* And one of the "grand" brims-pick either our fabulous Zoot Hat, or our very popular Gangster Fedora in any color

These items combined are $137.00 or more in usual catalog, and during the special offer, you can pay only $99.99 for all of these fabulous items along with our normal shipping for these items of $11.00. And you can provide all of your measurements, sizes, and color choices in the section.