Tuxedos Four-in-hand knot

The Tuxedos four-in-hand knot is a technique of tying a Zoot suits necktie. Also known as a mens simple knot or schoolboy knot, the four-in-hand knot is believed to be the most popular method of tying mens suits along with ties due to its simplicity. Some news state that carriage drivers attached their reins with a mens italian four-in-hand knot, while others state that the carriage drivers wore their scarves in the way of a four-in-hand knot, but the most probable etymology is that members of the Four-in-Hand Knot Club in London began to wear the Mens Italian neckwear, making it more fashionable.
The Four-in-Hand knot produced by this technique is on the narrow side, somewhat asymmetric, and appropriate for all occasion.