Leisure Suit, The Man’s Suit

A leisure suit is a style of the 1970s, consisting of a shirt like jacket and matching chinos usually made of stretchable dual knit polyester. It is often considered symbolic of the era's alleged awful taste in men's clothing.
The fashion has a few precedents in style of the 70s and before, but only became admired when - with the formation and popularization of artificial materials - unprecedented tawdriness met with traditions that had come to hatred formality. The leisure suit gains popularity with it does assure to bring a fashionable suit that might be used in formal business, but was comfortable and fashionable enough for everyday wear. The leisure suit was very popular in 1976, but fell from style around 1979.
The leisure suit became connected in popular culture with tavern culture, gangsterism, and on the contrary, with clueless dress, e.g. Leisure Suit Larry. A sub-genre of the leisure suit traditions is "full Cleveland". A full Cleveland is a leisure suit joint with a pallid belt and white clothing shoes.