Dress uniform, The Armani Suits

Dress uniform (often called as Full Dress Uniform), to distinguish it from 2 buttoned men’s suits, Mess Dress, and from semi-formal Tuxedos uniforms, such as the British Army's Service Dress, is the most official military double breasted tuxedos, typically worn at ceremonies are men’s tuxedos shoes, official receptions, and other special occasions; with order insignias and full size medals, the men’s zoot suits. The Men’s Italian uniform design may be distinct to a service, or to a Regiment white dinner jacket or Branch of Service. Although they are often brightly colored, men’s fashioned tuxedos and adorned with beautiful ornaments (gold braid, lanyards, etc.), most originated as practical men’s suits uniforms that, with the adoption of even more practical uniforms, have been relegated to ceremonial functions of the men’s.
Although numerous services use the term suits generally for uniforms, allowing it to refer to more modern combat Italian suits uniforms, with suitable modifiers (eg., the British Army's obsolete Battle tuxedos Dress (BD), and the US Army's obsolete Battle Dress Uniform (BDU)), the term Men’s Dress Uniform, without a prefixed modifier, is always assumed to refer to the full Tuxedos suits or zoot suits, ceremonial dress.