Without suits, men would have nothing

With no suits, men would have nothing. In the hierarchy of fashion, a good quality suit ruins a man’s merely trump card. Yet in this sad age of casual-wear, the suit still carry an air of achievement, flavor, and erudition. It is planned to make you look better, to shatter borders between social classes, to make a little man tall with pinstripes or a stout man wealthy with soft wools. The suit looks fine in restaurant, train, dinner party or Paris; in short, all over the place you want to be. It is, in its best form, a complete outfit that would never fall short you.

And that is accurately what it will do, if you treat it correct. Regrettably the greater part of suits you see look dire. This isn’t essential. Even if you are in job for more than ten hours with your jacket on, being mindful of your garments will keep you ready for cocktail after work. Too many men either do not mind or don’t know how to be dressed in a suit, and, suitably, look like shit.