Suits decorum for women

A suit-wearing manner for women commonly follows the same guiding principle used by men. Only the disparity are illustrated here.

For women, a blouse takes the position of a shirt. Blue and pink blouse are also noticed. Women have more latitude in choosing their top when compared to men have in choosing their shirt. On some occasion a high-quality knit top replace the blouse; this is not generally accepted but is frequent, mostly if the top is made of a luxurious fabric.

Women normally do not put on neckties with their suit. A fancy silk scarf that looks like a floppy ascot tie were fashionable in North America in the 1970s, worn with pant suit. At that instance women enters into the white-collar workforce in plenty and their dress fashion mimic men's business wear. The scarves are not well-liked in modern usage; nearly all women couple their suit with either a subdued choker or no neckwear at all.