Shirts with suits

The variety of shirt worn by men with a suit is a top prepared from wicker fabric, with long sleeves, a stretched buttoned opens down the front, and a choker; this type of suits is known in American English as a fashion shirt or Oxford shirt but merely as a shirt in other English dialect. It is ironed, smartly tucked into its wearer’s trousers, and if not worn according to the manners illustrated in the article dress shirt.

The typical shirt colours are light navy or white, with white stitching out as most traditional. The most official type of dress shirt worn with a normal suit is a shirt with linked chains.

The most customary choker is a spread choker. This is commonly the default collar type for French cuff shirts, however they can sometimes be found with collar. In general button-down chokers are kept for casual use with a sport coat or without a coat at all.