Men's Velvet on Fabric Tendency

Most recent year around this time we saw a switch in the customary fabrics men's clothing designers were using in arrange to create their Autumn/Winter pieces. Present was a group more velvet, suede, moleskin and the like near within the whole lot from shoes to blazers and the sets seemed to be getting more and supplementary excessive. Unfortunately, last year it never seemed to become a full blown trend, and a lot of these items went ignored by a lot of the true fashion multitude. Still in London I did not see it in use up pretty as much as I thought it would be.

This year, we are considering more and more difference within the clothing industry and one fabric that has complete a real impact recently is velvet. Velvet is a really profligate fabric which well up class and riches. I immediately relate it with the upper class, but with this comes the stigma of it life form “stuffy” or old. This is not the case though as we can transport it bang up to date with the right adjacent pieces. The look we must be going for is The Modern Dandy and thoughts more towards alternative gentleman’s groups and secret society member’s clubs which were there in early dandy and aristocrat prose and more recently brought up to date with shows like Gossip girl.