Great attention for men's Italian suits

The Italian suit, (also identified as the European suit), sparks great attention in any fashion enthusiast. You can locate this style on the runways of all male fashion show.

The customary look on this cover is double breasted with large lapels and slit pockets. A classic model will be totally vent-less. Shoulders will be quietly padded to add some bulk without creation the suit look unnatural.

Pants are pleated and hit with equally button down pockets and slit pockets. The cuff may end with a small break at the shoes or it may end somewhat over the shoes with no break.

Tall men with lean construct look both fashionable and stylish in these models. However, many fashion advisors feel that short and stocky men should steer clear of whatever thing similar to double breasted.

I oppose that short and stocky men can't wear double breasted suits. Though the suit will look large at the midsection, a double breasted suit will hide a great belly much better than a British model.