Triple-piece vest suit manufacture

Details of the industry, in the suits continue to use the last few quarters, the popular small-collar design, scientific and technological sense of efficient design is applied Drawstring, clever placed in trousers, on lazy to create crepe pleated effect. As for the industrial sense of design and somewhat formal shirts how to tie a tie to it? The Silvia Venturini Fendi answer was invisible layering, thin network knit sweater in addition to color on slope effect, better suited to the cold spring and summer suddenly suddenly cold climate. Unlike other designers and old in Triple-piece vest suit manufacture a fuss, Fendi brought vest full of Asian flavor.

There is no piece suit collar, do not pay notice to fit “hugging” the effect of long-only general clothing vest-third of the two, and then make beautiful embroidery exquisite beauty can indeed be called the most eye-catching show a single product.

There is no swagger fur in the earlier season, Glitter, and the FF totem, Fendi man who does not so indie rock as the Dior Homme, but nor is it the wild sexy Dolce & Gabbana. Weak and fragile, like boys, like men, Silvia Venturini Fendi is the answer. She chose to use the cold tone glow grey and different shades of khaki-colored throughout 08ss series, a lot of grey suits and the section of interludes in the complete sense of the luster with a cloth between the science and knowledge, but also be seen as the main trend this season Milan collection. For More Information Visit Our Site Black Blazers.