Clothes make the fashion in the world

I read John’s post; Clothes create the Man, and chuckled. Here I was idea that men had it so easy when it came to wardrobe choices, but in fact, creating and maintaining a professional wardrobe is off-putting for both sexes.

My mother is a previous fashion buyer and my father was just as comfortable in a suit as he was a jogging suit. I was lucky that I was required to hit the suit racks and start building a professional wardrobe early on. In high school, I had to dress up for game days when I played field hockey, and in college, I joined an organization and a co-ed business fraternity, both of which required trade attire at chapter meetings.

Back in high school, BeBe was my go-to amasses for the two suits I had, a skirt suit and a pant suit. Both are black. By the moment I graduated from college I had about 4 suits that I picked up from the young women departments at Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Bloomingdale’s, and lone from J.Crew (this one suit would later start an obsession). One was red and the relax were still my preferred standby - dark black. They held me over for the irregular meeting, moot court argument and interview during law school, but I didn’t really feel like they were my style - items that I was comfortable wearing everyday. They were my costume when I played “professional Allie” in its place of being clothes that I wore naturally and effortlessly.