Eric Musgrave, designer of "Sharp Suits"

Musgrave has been working in fashion for 30 years, with has just penned his first book, “Sharp Suits” (Pavilion), which comes out in the U.S. early on next year. The coffee-table book — Richard James has written the introduction — is less a history than a celebration of men’s tailoring over the past 150 years, from the instant posh British men swapped their frock coats and morning dresses for lounge suits to designers’ current fascination with suiting celebrities.

The suit itself has altered little over that period; the basic single-breasted has such a tremendous design, it doesn’t really need to change, said the bespectacled Musgrave, who launched the men’s title FHM in the Eighties and is the previous editorial director of Drapers, Britain’s fashion deal weekly.