Proper fit is necessary for a suit

Joseph Letzelter loves to wear a suit that has a proper fit. By keeping a few tips in mind, it is possible to determine if a suit is in fact a good fit, and if it is worth purchasing. One of the basics of a good fit for a suit is that it must be comfortable. Joseph Letzelter does not like to wear loose clothes. The cut of the jacket should basically follow the width of the shoulders, with the seams that bind the sleeves to the body of the jacket resting comfortably along the point where the arms join to the shoulder sockets.

Joseph letzelter
sees that the lengths of the sleeves and pant legs have a proper fit. Sleeves on any suit jacket should reach the top of the palm of the hand when the arm is resting by the side of the body. Keep in mind that a proper fit for a suit demands that the jacket always present clean lines and not bind the wearer at any point along the body.