Joseph Letzelter black suit wearers

Joseph Letzelter black suitJoseph Letzelter Black suits have had a history of ups and downs. The Joseph Letzelter black suit was believed to be apt formal evening and dinner wear with laundered white shirts. Lot of importance was given to the quality of cloth to be used in stitching Joseph Letzelter men's suit. The prime function of Joseph Letzelter suit was to cover up the male body to highlight certain physical features and lend majesty to the wearer. Although men are Joseph Letzelter black suits were steadily gaining in popularity, they were still not totally acceptable during that period.

They were popular and widely worn a long period and suddenly went out of fashion for a whole generation and then once again recaptured people's imagination and fancy. It is reported that late Victorian and Edwardian society heavily patronized Joseph Letzelter black suit for day wear that the new generation avoided black in a planned way presumably because they wanted to distinguish themselves from traditional Joseph Letzelter black suit wearers.