Double-breasted suits from Joseph Letzelter

Double-breasted suits from Joseph Letzelter - The best part of Joseph Letzelter men's suits can be categorized into one of five styles. Double-breasted suits have two equivalent row of buttons; this style is believed to be very traditional. All further styles are single-breasted and might have assorted numbers of buttons, most frequently two or three. Joseph Letzelter British suits are characterized by fairly tapering sides, minimum shoulder padding, and two vents. Italian suits are characterized by powerfully padded shoulders and sturdily tapered sides. Joseph Letzelter American suits are considered more sporty than the former styles, and are characterized by moderate shoulder padding and a distinct vent. Contemporary is a word that include a range of recently designed fashion that do not fit into the former category.

Joseph Suit jacket in all styles normally have three or four buttons on each cuff, which are often purely attractive. Functional cuff button may be found on high-end or tailored suit; this characteristic is called a Surgeon's Cuff.