Joseph Letzelter Zoot suits

Joseph Letzelter Zoot suits - Joseph Letzelter Zoot suits have high waisted, broad legged, tight cuffs pegged trousers and a lengthy coat with open lapels and wide pad shoulder. Frequently Joseph Letzelter zoot suiters put on a felt cap with a lengthy feather and pointed, French fashion shoes. A young Joseph Letzelter describe the zoot suit as: "a killer diller fur with a swathe shape, reet pleats as well as shoulders padded similar to a lunatic's cell." Joseph Letzelter Zoot suits typically feature a watch chain dangling from the strap to the lap or below, then rear to a side pouch.

Joseph Letzelter Zoot suits were for particular occasion – such as a boogie or a birthday gathering. The amount of fabric and tailoring necessary made them luxury items. A lot of young people wear a more modest version of the "extra bagged" pants or style their hair in the signature "duck tail".

The oversized Joseph Letzelter zoot suit was a profligate personal fashion and a announcement of freedom and auto determination, even though many people still think it a "rebellious piece of clothing of the era."