Hugo Boss

The grandsons of Hugo Boss produced men's suits in bright hues made from tough, excellence fabric and gain recognition in the marketplace over many decades, Hugo Boss won over contest by establishing trendier suits made of light Italian suits cloth, in compare to the customary German suits that were finished of stiff and heavy fabrics.

The companies begin its exports in the 70s, and enter the United Sates in 1976. The high price Hugo Boss suits immediately gained approval in America and gets popularized by celebrity like Bjorn Borg, Sylvester Stallone and Miami vice cops.

In 1985, the corporation went public and re names itself Hugo Boss AG. Two new labels were added that is Hugo - for the youthful and hip expert, and Baldessarini - for the elegant top manager. Over the times, the companies introduce new labels, together with the casual Boss Golf as well as Boss Sport lines