Fashionable Use of the Cummerbund Suits

Cummerbunds suits may be define as wide pleated waist sash usually wear with single-breasted dinner jacket. The cummerbund suits were initially popularized by the British armed officers in majestic India and it consequently caught on with the civilians.

The fashionable use of the cummerbund suits is merely aesthetic and style expert opine that it stand midway among a shirt and the waistband. The one other realistic use of cummerbund suits is its ease for the increasing girth of diner during a luxurious meal.

When weighted MOLLE pouch were attach to the cummerbund suits and the user motivated up and down, the cummerbund suits became dislodge from the Velcro accessory and the top edge rolls over. In the same way, the upper portion of the pouch also rolls over; inhibit access to the MOLLE pouch and tumbling the capability of the user to quickly recover his equipment.