Tuxedo Suits Collars

A traditional tailored Tuxedo Suits shirt has the following components:

Spread: Tuxedo suits collar that measures from about 3½ to 6 inches between the Tuxedo Suits collar points. The wider Tuxedo Suits collars are often referred to as a Tuxedo Suits Cutaway collars or Tuxedo Suits Windsor’s following the Duke of Windsor. The spread is the most formal Tuxedo Suits collar for the Tuxedo Suits and lounge suit.

Point or else Straight also called as the Small: a Tuxedo Suits collar that appears narrow, by 2½ to 3¼ inches between the points of the Tuxedo Suits collar.

Tab: a point Tuxedo Suits collar that has two loops of fabric that extends from the middle of the Tuxedo Suits collar, which meets behind the Tuxedo Suits tie; it is designed to give the Tuxedo Suits tie an arc effect. The tabs can be clogged with a metal snap, 2 button suit or stud.

Eyelet: a Tuxedo Suits collar which requires a barbell-style Tuxedo Suits collar bar

Club: a Tuxedo Suits collar with rounded edges, very fashionable in the first few decades of the 20th century.

Button-down: a Tuxedo Suits collar, that 2 button suits to the front of the shirt at its points. It was patterned after the Tuxedo Suits shirts of polo players and was considered a games shirt until the 1950s in America. It is still today a more sporty style and is rarely worn with a Tuxedo Suits. The term "2 button suit" is often mistakenly used to mean any dress Tuxedo Suits shirts with 2 button suits, as opposed to just those with a 2 button-down style Tuxedo Suits collar.