History Behind Tuxedos Suit

Black tie along with Tuxedos suit dates from 1860, when Henry Poole and Co. (Savile Row's founder), created a small smoking jacket intended for the then Prince of Wales to dress in to informal dinner party. According to sartorial myth, in the spring of 1886, since the Prince like Cora Potter, he invites her husband, James Potter, a wealthy New Yorker, to Sandringham residence, his Norfolk hunt estate.
When Potter ask the Prince's dinner dress suggestion, he sent Potter to Henry Poole and Co., in London. On recurring to New York in 1886, Potter's dinner tuxedo suit proved trendy at the Tuxedo Park Club; the club man copied him, quickly making it their casual dining uniform.
While the Americans at first called the new piece of clothing a tuxedo, the term has since been incorrectly used to represent any form of official or semi-formal dress with morning dress, strollers and white tie,. Two years later on, it gains the name dinner jacket in Britain, a first name it has kept back in the North-Eastern U.S.