2 Button Men's Jacket lapels

2 Button Jacket lapels are the ornamental revers on the face of formal men’s suits jackets, most usually found on men's tuxedos clothing. They are shaped by turning down the zoot suits collar and turning back the top part of the Men’s tuxedos jacket's closure, as in this image. Prom Tuxedos Collars arose from easy necklines to support men’s neckwear, then were turned over into Mens Italian Suits lapels starting in the behind 18th century.
There are three essential forms of lapels: peaked notched and shawl. Notched, the most common of men’s tuxedos suits and men’s fashion, zoot suits, is often seen on business suits for men. Peaked and shawl are the more official, traditionally seen on 2 button dinner jackets and men’s tailcoats.
More often, a lapel pin or boutonniere is worn on the lapel of men’s formal tuxedos jackets.