Tennis Shirt In Older Days

A tennis shirt, now commonly called a 2 Button polo shirt and also known as a Men’s golf shirt, is a T-shaped shirt with a Tuxedos collar, typically two or three buttons shirt down a slit below the men’s collar, and an elective pocket. A Zoot Suits zipper may alternate for buttons, or neither may be there. 2 Button Polo shirts are typically made of knit cloths (slightly than woven cloth), usually Extra Long Men’s pique cotton or, less commonly, silk, Double breasted merino wool, or synthetic fibers.
In the nineteenth and early on twentieth centuries, tennis troupe normally wore "Center Vent tennis whites" that consists of long sleeved pallid button-up shirts, flatter trousers, and neck ties. As one may guess, this dress presented numerous problems for ease of play and console on the court.