The Stroller, Men’s Semi-formal

The stroller is a kind of men's semi-formal daytime clothes which consists of single-breasted, peaked-lapel fur (grey or black), one- or two-button, grey stripy trousers, a necktie (grey or silvery), as well as a waistcoat (ritual dove grey or interment black). This makes it largely matching to the official morning dress from which it is derived, with the exemption of the differing coat and the exclusive utilize of a necktie and turndown lapel.
For a semi-formal daytime marriage, the groom dress in a dark grey coat along with a dove-grey waist coat; for a memorial service, the mourner wear a corresponding black jacket and waist coat. In the Continent and the Commonwealth, dawn dress is worn to official day events; the stroller in the United States. The stroller is the semi-formal daytime equivalent of the semi-formal twilight dress dinner jacket or else tuxedo (black knot) morning dress is the official day dress equivalent of evening formal clothing (Wallid knot).
In German countries, a stroller is most commonly called a Stresemann, named after German chancellor Gustav Stresemann; and in Japan countries, it is known as a "director's Suit", from the term "in director".