Mandarin Collar, 2 Button Suits

A mandarin collar is a squat outspread stand-up collar fashion on a shirt or sleeve. Mandarin collars begin at the neck and classically rise upright two to five centimeters. The fashion originated from Western interpretation of Manchurian dress.
The span along a mandarin collar is almost straight, with moreover straight or curved edges at top of the centre facade. The edges of the collar also barely meet at the centre facade or overlap to some extent. Overlap mandarin collars are frequently a continuance of a shirt's placket and contains a button on the collar to secure the two sides of the chemise together.
A band collar is regularly a mandarin collar. This word is also meant for shirts that have only a even finishing in the region of the neck; originally such type of clothing were planned for use with a detachable collar, a largely elapsed usage.