How to choose Men's Formal

If you are not sure how to choose formal suits for men, consider these tips. Unless you are spilling over with cash, you will want to think carefully about what type of formal suit you want to buy, because otherwise you may end up with a suit hanging in your closet that you have only worn once.There are five steps to following a Formal Suits; they are..

1.Decide if you want to rent or buy the formal suit:

If you want a tux for your best friend's wedding, you might just want to rent the tuxedo, unless you think you will want to use it for another formal occasion or for your own wedding. You can compare the price of a rental with the price of a new suit to help you make the judgment. If two rentals cost the same or more than buying your own suit, you may just want to buy it.

2.Know the level of formality needed:

If you are going to be a best man in a wedding, you will almost definitely need a formal tuxedo. It is best to pick it out with the groom, because the bride may not appreciate seeing mis-matched tuxedos as she walks down the aisle. If you need a suit or outfit for a job or another less formal occasion, you should not go with a tux.

3.Go for a classic style that will match different ties and accessories:

If you are thinking about getting an orange formal suit straight out of "Dumb and Dumber", think a little bit more before you purchase it. While you may like a crazy and unique suit right now, will you be willing to wear it two years from now? If not, you may want to consider a black, navy, or gray suit that will easily match different ties and look good a few years down the road.

4.Choose a suit that looks good on you:

If a formal suit is on the sale rack but the buttons look like they are about to pop off when you put it on, you should keep looking. Also, if the style seems a bit "off" to you or if the color classes with your hair or eye color, try to get one that better suits your personality and features. Get a suit that is not too long, short, small, or large for a more dapper look.

5.Get a good fitting:

If you are like many other men who despise shopping for clothes, you may want to just grab a suit that works and buy it without getting a fitting. However, if you take the time to have your formal suit properly built-in it will look much better on you, and you will probably get more attention from the ladies.