Finding the right fit for Men Suits

  • Men’s Suit holds the entire body with the help of his shoulder. Hence, shoulder filling is extremely important.
  • A slanting shoulder needs a more stuffed padding.
  • The width of the shoulder should be wide enough for making the fabric fall on the sleeves freely.
  • Wrinkles are formed across the shoulders, if the fabric in the shoulder area is not tailored perfectly and it looks bad on the overall personality of the individual.
  • The shoulders should be stitched such that the movement across the head and shoulder should be free and comfortable while tailoring Men Suit.
  • If the cut of the shoulders are cut too short, it would ultimately make a medium head look larger then normal and it shows a sign of poorly stitched Men’s Suit.
  • The armholes are made such that it provides enough room for the arms to move comfortably around.
  • The arm holes should fit the arm with ease and should allow the arm movement with effortlessness.
  • The armhole should be tailored with the help of perfect cut so that it is not too tight at the armpit.
  • The sleeves of a Men’s Suit should not be too long, it should be such that the fabric extends more then the area where the hand breaks with the wrist.
  • A brief look at where the sleeves end is very important.
  • The shoulder cut should be such that the head and the neck movement is not restricted.
  • Men’s Suit area where the fabric from the men’s collar to the first button should be stitched in such a way that it should not get on your nerves the neck area.
  • This area is known as Gorge. Gorge has been introduced in different styles and in different forms.
  • The styles of Gorge ranges from higher Gorge to the low collar Gorge.
  • Men’s suits having huge types of styles.