Traditional Dress Shirt and Tie combination Pairings

Men who are appear for a traditional and enduring dress shirt and tie combination would do well to begin by choose a solid colored base to work from – particularly the colors blue, black, brown, maroon or burgundy and white.

Blue dress shirts in either French blue lighter shade or business blue typical darker hue are the most generally worn color and will not attract any excessive or unwanted attention at any function – they are suitable for weddings, funerals, board meetings, and romantic dates. Blue is a staple color for most men since it will look nice on nearly each one, without extra thought being essential for complexion.

Blue pairs outstandingly with a solid black necktie as do most of the other colors planned here; a solid black necktie will not at all go out of style and will praise nearly any solid colored shirt.

Black and white dress shirts are most probable the next most regularly worn shade. Black dress shirts look outstanding when worn without a necktie, or when worn with an adult looking black and gold or black and blue colored tie.