Simpson Ladies dresses and suits

The shop carried high end ready to dress in and catered to society ladies (LOTS of old money) as well as successful business women. I can remember the Adele Simpson dresses and suits we carried as enduring, elegant and flattering. They were luxurious (usually well over $500) but worth it because they LOOKED like dressmaking when worn. Altering them was particular due to the high quality workmanship. We were requisite to finish our work in keeping with the same original standards.

This timeless classic dress/suit hails from the 80s and can be worn out the day and with a change of shoes and accessories transitions into dinner or evening with simplicity. Two tones, it is cut from yellowish and black wool crepe. A boxy, open, wrap collar jacket tops a fixed short sleeved dress with jewel neckline. It has a smooth black lining. The size is medium about a modern 8 with the following measurements.