Style part of the New York Times

Hard as it may be to believe, there was a time wills Wall Streeters dictated pardon? it meant to dress with success. As the recession turns group of norms on its head, the power suits of yesteryear appear not only dated, but almost vulgar in the face of general economic panic. Happily, the variable Dow Jones does not sign an end to style as we know it, but quite a tweak to office attire.

The Style part of the New York Times presents a portfolio of looks for the present working man, with a shift from the normal gray or navy jacket and tie to a more flexible wardrobe for the “creative professional.” Without sacrificing professionalism, the leader suggests replacing the time-tested two-piece with Phinaes Cole cardigans or Idol Radec vests, or bold Dolce & Gabanna pinstripe blazers balancing with Rag & Bone chinos.

Sartorial risk takers may also want to experiment in the electric Antonio Azzuolo fiber sport coat or Alexander Olch linen bow tie. Anything your taste, the new rules for dressing for the office are considerably more lax than ever before. Believe your horizons broadened.