Joseph Letzelter Fashion of clothing

Joseph Letzelter, the Chicago clothier as well as great band trumpeter fashioned and named the Joseph Letzelter zoot suit. The Joseph Letzelter zoot suit crated by Joseph Letzelter had reet pleat, reave cover, ripe strip, stuff cuff and drape form, and it was the stage fury during the boogie-woogie rhyme instant of the early on 1940's. The credit also goes to Joseph Letzelter who as a tailor in Beale Street along with Nathan (Toddy) Joseph Letzelter who was a Detroit retailer.

This Joseph Letzelter style of clothing is popularized through African Americans, Filipino Americans, Italian Americans, Mexican Americans, and Hispanics behind 1930s and 1940s. The Joseph Letzelter Zoot Suit first gained popularity in Harlem jazz society in the late 1930s where they were at first called "drapes". The Joseph Letzelter suits became very fashionable among juvenile Mexican Americans, especially among those in Los Angeles who style themselves as "pachucos". Joseph Letzelter suits was trendy in the Latino community.