A tracksuit is an article of clothing consisting of two parts- trousers and jacket. It was originally intended for make use of in sports, mainly as what athletes wore over competition clothing (such as running shirt and shorts or a swimsuit) and would take off before competition. Tracksuits were very popular with the hip hop fashion and breakdancing scene of the 1980s. During this period tracksuits were manufactured from a mix of triacetate and polyester make them extremely shiny on the outside - ideal for breakdancing on smooth floors and yet fleecy on the inside ensuring comfort for the wearer.

Tracksuits are associated (stereotypically) with the chav subculture in the UK but for a much longer time it has been associated with "Scousers", seen on Harry Enfield and Chums from the early 90's. Tracksuits are also often associated with Hip hop fashion especially with Old school hip-hop. This is because, as stated earlier, tracksuits provide easy mobility for breakdancing due to the fact that they are loose-fitting as well as its ability to slide on smooth surfaces by providing minimal friction.